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| | Joint-stock company "Maxmir" - 10 years in the construction market

Joint-stock company "Maxmir" - 10 years in the construction market

The development of the present activity of "Maxmir" has started in 1996, when all its branch establishments have found independence and the company has concentrated on construction. The backbone of the company is made of the engineers - constructors, graduates of leading Universities of the country who have wide experience of work - professionals.

Today "Maxmir" delivers insulating systems for any type of buildings. The experts of the company develop complex systems of insulation for the concrete works and for the precise materials, that allows to find the optimal decision. In this sector of the market "Maxmir" is one of the leaders. "Maxmir" is actively engaged in introduction of the new energy effective technologies of insulating including building facades, as so called "wet", and ventilated facades systems. Deciding this major task the specialists of the company base on the support of such competent experts as Federal Scientific and Technical Center of certification in the field of construction attached to GOSSTROY of Russian Federation, "MOSCOMARHITECTURA", General administration the Center "ENLACOM", Research institute of Building physics, "Teploproect", etc. Promoting best technologies in regions, the company has opened its branches in St.-Petersburg and Samara.

We actively use our scientific and technical potential. We have received the patent for the method of electromagnetic clearing from deposits of heat-and-power engineering equipment and systems of hot water supply. This invention is a true break-through, and not only in heat-and-power engineering.

Recently the company has received the license on general work and closely has engaged in construction. Clearing of pressure pipelines with the help of the hydrodynamical method is one of the important sectors of activity of "MAXMIR". We offer the decision, which is cheaper than others in several times!

Do not stop on already achieved, permanently advance, achieve new creative success - that is the main thing that distinguishes the staff of the company "MAXMIR".

The company has been always aiming at bringing to its Clients a real benefit.

Therefore now, at the year of our 10th anniversary we honestly look in the eyes of our partners and customers.

The best technologies:
- Facades insulating:
with protection of the insulation with screens (ventilated facades);
with protection of the insulation with plaster systems (complex deliveries).
- Complex insulation of buildings (all-the-year-round) and systems.
- Prevention from the influence of the heaving grounds (for railways, motorways, aerodromes etc.).
- Technology of white concrete
- Creation of burials and reservoirs.
- Clearing of pipes from deposits.
- Draw-in clearing of pipelines with the help of the unique domestic method.

Why does people entrust to choose and deliver materials for the biggest and major objects to the company "MAXMIR"?

- is professional in everything, starting with the selection of offered products and ending up with the delivery to the works.
- delivers only high quality materials which have certificates of the leading Centers which say of its complete suitability for the application in Russia.
- friendly and quickly resolves all questions.
- gives in yours complete disposal our (and not only our) experience and knowledge free of charge.
- have necessary assortment of materials in warehouses, that allows to deliver the materials without dependence on quantity.
- always appreciates and takes into account interests of the Designers, Customers, Contractors.
- saves consumer's means by all possible ways, first of all by increasing selling cost of the objects.

That is why many well-known construction companies work with us for many years.

Objects, where "MAXMIR" delivered materials:

Kremlin, Bolshoy Theatre, Trade complex "Maneshnaya ploshad", Area 32-33, Residential Area "Korona", Trade complex at Novoslobodskaya "Druzba", "Sovincentre", Stadium "Locomotive", Airport "Sheremetievo".

Our largest partners - customers.
Kalininskaya NEPS
Permskaya HEPS
Kashirskaya HEPS
Norilsk mining company
Infocosmos -2000
Kvartal 32-33

Congratulating "Maxmir" with its 10th anniversary, we once again present our kind wishes and satisfaction by ours partners relations. The reliable company, the leader in deliveries of the best insulating materials, you have always implemented all our orders and wishes.
The general director of the company "Progress" R. Batinich

Thanks to the company "Maxmir" for cooperation! Our company, witch is engaged in construction of houses for many years, was convinced that it is advantageous to work with you in every respect. We are sure in your reliability and professionalism.
The general director Company "Gradgevinar" D. Nikolich

Working with the company "Maxmir" more than for three years, we know very well how it appreciates its partners. "Maxmir" delivers us only certificated materials of highest quality. The staff of the company is highly professional and good willing.
CJSC " Infocosmos 2000 "

Your company is known in the Russian market of construction materials. The basic sector of company's activity - search, development and introduction of high-quality materials and advanced technologies, including such as for road construction. We can say with confidence that the company is one of the leaders in this sector of the market.
The president of the International academy of transport G.A. Krishanovskiy

The company "Maxmir"
since 1997 is the collective member of AVOK
since 2001 - collective member of the International academy of Transport, actively cooperates with leading scientific centers in the field of insulation: NIISF, "Teploproect", TSENEF.